Isabella Jay Torres is an international award winning dance choreographer and the creator of  “Latizmo Language of the Soul”.

Latizmo is not just a form of hip hop dance, but a powerful alternative of communication , when not able to communicate verbally.


Jay learned early on that dance was a way to escape hardship growing up and to communicate what didn’t come out verbally. Jay dreamed of creating a style of dance that would liberate oneself. Originally from Hollister , Ca. 

Jay began teaching Latizmo in 2005 and opened a dance studio in 2006.


Jay also taught Latizmo at The Saratoga School of Dance. Jay is a D.J. mixing music with sound effects for  Latizmo Dance choreography and has Emceed many  Bay Area Community Events .

Jay was the emcee for Disability Awareness Day in

San Jose , Ca. 2019 and also on the Disability Awareness Day Committee.  


Jay teaches the importance of

The Three P's ( patience passion perseverance ) 

The Three C's ( choice chance change ) and

The three R's  ( respect respect respect ) .

A great way for a student to remember and incorporate Life Skills.

It is infused with faith and hope, providing a foundation for each student to develop self-

confidence and the components of physical fitness including muscular strength and

endurance, cardiovascular health, balance, and flexibility. The therapeutic value of dance is

combined with basic principles for achieving success inside and outside of class.


Our mission is inclusion and our message is that we are all able to achieve and realize our

purpose through Patience, Passion, and Perseverance.

Classes are held and sponsored at Alum Rock United Methodist Church, 30 Kirk Avenue, San Jose, CA,

95127 and currently, via Zoom


Jay  Torres is the founder of

"Latizmo Hip Hop Productions ".